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Similarly, to maintain flexibility for video-in, the Rage Theater supports video standards including ITU-656, and VESA-developed Video Interface Port (VIP)1.1, in addition to ATI's proprietary ATI Multimedia Channel (AMC) interface.

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And Rockwell is promising a pathway to future packetized data transmissions. Because it is an open architecture, Spectrum will be able to link with a Dialogic card now under development that will enable voice over IP. Earlier this year, Rockwell teamed with Brightware Inc. (Novato, Calif.) to bring enhanced e-mail capabilities to the platform, and the company is working with another company to introduce multimedia capabilities, Olisar said.

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Pretax income for the second quarter of fiscal 1999 was $7.6 million, an increase of 155 percent over the $3.0 million reported in the second quarter of fiscal 1998. Net income for the second quarter of fiscal 1999 was $4.9 million, or $0.20 per share, compared with $2.9 million, or $0.16 per share, for the corresponding quarter of fiscal 1998.

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Using a three-month rolling average, IC Insights said chip sales worldwide totaled $10.24billion in September compared to $9.82 billion in August. IC Insights said semiconductor salesin the Americas increased to $3.49 billion in September from $3.31 billion in August. In Europe,sales grew to $2.37 billion in September from $2.24 billion, and Japan's chip revenues slightlyincreased to $2.03 billion from $2.004 billion in August, according to the report. Chipshipments in the Asia/Pacific region grew to $2.36 billion from $2.26 billion, said IC Insights.

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TI will pick up Harris' CD4000 series, HC4 family and a variety of HCT, FCT and ACT part types in the acquisition.

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The DL-series chips also include a proprietary SecSi anti-cloning security feature enabled through the addition of a 64-Kbyte flash sector, which protects against phone-code thievery. OEMs can receive the chips with the lock already in place, or they can lock it themselves after adding their own serial numbers or other information.

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This has benefits to consumers,” said Dave Acton, director of electronic engineering at General Motors Corp. (Detroit). Any time we as an industry agree on technology like this that is not visible to consumers, it allows us to focus on the things consumers want.”

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We believe this will significantly expand our market opportunity to more than one billion power supply units annually,” he said.

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