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IKE SA Negotiation and Maintenance The concept of an IPsec SA lifetime does not exist when using manual keys. The security parameters that comprise an IPsec SA are all manually defined. This is not the case with IKE/ISAKMP. IKE dynamically creates IPsec SAs upon the transmittal of traffic matching the IPsec policy. This is done by exchanging a series of messages over UDP port 500. IKE allows the crypto endpoints to negotiate a lifetime for each SA. This enables network administrators to use their SADB more efficiently through establishing security associations only when needed and automatically tearing down stale SAs at the end of their agreed-upon lifetime. Example 10 illustrates the configuration of the IPsec SA lifetime that Charlie would like to negotiate with James during IKE.

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Advanced Cable Ties

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Figure 4: MPEG-4 access units packetised according to RFC3640



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Figure 4: MPEG-4 access units packetised according to RFC3640

With version 1.1 SCO there was a choice of 3 different packet spacings all giving the same 64kb/s. With extended SCO, both packet length and intervals can be negotiated in both directions of the link allowing asymmetric traffic.

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