Tech jobs are unique – you can start making money even without having a college degree. Here are 5 entry level tech jobs you can get and make a decent living this year.

1. Technical Support Analysis

Tech support or computer support specialists are the nice, kind folks that pick up the phone when you can’t get online or have computer problems. As tech problems can pop up unexpectedly, many technical support staff work “flexible” hours, which can serve as an advantage, depending on your requirements. Although you may need to hold a bachelor’s degree for some tech support analysis jobs, specialized education is not universally required.

2. Social Media Manager

Social media is leading the pack in new business technology. Contrary to popular belief, not all young people are social media savvy. Moreover, there is an important difference between using social media and knowing how to take advantage of it to suit your needs.

Modern businesses are always looking for employees and contractors who can shape their social media profiles effectively. Accordingly, social media managers are currently in very high demand, playing a critical role for businesses by helping them establish an online brand presence.

You don’t need vast experience in the field to get a good job because the sector itself is quite new. However, you do need to be good at accessing any data and reports you might need to guide or support your messaging. In addition, social media managers need to be handy with social calendars too.

To qualify for this type of job, make sure you have scheduling tool experience, writing skills and relevant knowledge of growth strategy patterns.

3. Web Design

It’s possible to land a good gig as a web designer if you have a good grasp of end-user expectations and behavior, as well as an eye for aesthetics. What is more, these jobs generally come with a high starting salary. There is a certain master training – apprentice aspect to web design, so it’s not difficult to find a job that gives you the opportunity to learn from seasoned pros.

Web developers enhance the user experience, create websites, and update systems to help businesses craft a compelling online presence. Moreover, you will need good communication skills to talk to the whole engineering team.

4. Data Entry and Analysis

Data is king in the business environment of today. The more data a business has about its customers, their purchasing habits, and their preferences, the better it can respond to their changing demands. Therefore, data entry and analysis professionals play a crucial role in the data acquisition cycle. They make sure data is collected and interpreted correctly, so that a business can use it to improve company performance.

5. Web Developer

This is one job on our list that is not typically given to just anyone. In most cases, this type of position requires a college degree. Sometimes, employers will accept students for web developer jobs. Individuals with good visual learning and problem solving abilities often do very well in such positions. In addition, this type of job may be for you if you’re interested in design. However, web developers require more specialized skills than web designers – they need to know the details that go into creating a website.

Typically, junior web developers work under more experienced developers to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to create modern websites. The remuneration is highly rewarding.